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As a law firm based in Southern California, we are prepared to step in for attorneys in the Los Angeles area who are unable to attend courtroom appearances or who have more pressing obligations. There is no need to damage your reputation by missing a scheduled appointment.  Our team of appearance attorneys are ready to take your place with the education and experience needed to serve your clients in the most professional and helpful manner possible.  If your firm is based in Los Angeles and you are in need of some assistance, so you can get ahead of the mounds of work hitting your desk each day, call on us.

Appearance Attorney in Los Angeles County

How to Explain an Appearance Attorney to Your Client

In law, the client is the foundation on which your career sits.  Letting your reputation slip in the eyes of your clients can be professional suicide, so be sure that you can adequately explain your decision to hire someone to fill in for you.  With these tips, your client will surely be on board.


Appearance Attorney Los Angeles

What Can an Appearance Attorney Do For You?

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring an appearance attorney and you won’t be sorry that you did when you find that the price is right, the professionalism is impeccable, and everyone walks away pleased.


Los Angeles Appearance Attorney

Why Hire an Appearance Attorney?

For some it might seem that a lawyer is being lazy by not appearing beside a client on a court date, but the truth is, very often, the hiring of an appearance attorney is the best thing for the lawyer and the client, as it frees up time that can be spent on more important matters.


Los Angeles Appearance Attorney

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The perfect way to ensure your next criminal court appearance is handled professionally:

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From day one I have never regretted choosing such a great service - 5 star quality with everything.

- John Smith, JS & Co LLC.